November, 2012 – February, 2014:

Our project team has analyzed dozens of various energy storage techniques.

February, 2014:

We started development of a lab-scale plant functioning as a small-sized energy storage that stores electric energy in the form of potential energy of solid substances. We performed numerous tests and developed a new load-lifting technology.

February, 2017:

We built a prototype of the LWS utilizing our new load-lifting technology.

2012 - 2016
Lab-scale plant
100 W; 7 Wh; 2,7 m
2016 - 2017
LWS Prototype
10 kW; 0,8 kWh; 20 m
2018 - 2021
LWS' prototype units
LWS' full-scale prototype units developed and tested
2021 - 2023
Industrial pilot LWS
10-50 MW; 20-200 MWh;
200-300 m
2023 - 2025
The first industrial LWS
as required by customer
We plan to have an industrial pilot LWS launched by 2023.

Approbation of the implemented solutions will allow us to have the first industrial sample of LWS put in commission by year 2025.