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Stand "Volchok-2" is ready for electric power equipment testing

Energozapas engineers have started testing electric power equipment with the help of testing stand "Volchok 2". User parameters of the engine (torque, speed, vibration, efficiency factor, etc.) will be also verified during the testing.

"Volchok 2" has two engines with rated capacity of 400 kW each, a control system and a main drive spring pneumatic brake. The stand was used for some single experiments earlier and adjusted afterwards to achieve the parameters required.

“We are going to use the testing stand to verify user parameters such as rated and maximum torque, speed, vibration, efficiency factor. We have thermal testing scheduled to check proper equipment cooling. “Volchok 2” is designed to test all electric power equipment Lifting Weight Storage has”, said Chief Engineer of Cell Equipment Division Stepan Sologub.

Engine tests are conducted in the opposed mode as well, when one of the engine recovers the energy and the other one consumes it. This mode simulates resistance solid weights will cause afterwards.

“Electric motor drive should experience certain electric loading in order to be tested. For that purpose, an engine (similar in power to electric motor drive) operating in resistance mode is needed. One of the engines produces torque and maintains it, the other one overcomes the torque and gains desired speed, so the “resisting” engine generates energy and the other one consumes it”, explained Stepan Sologub.

This electric motor drive will be used for construction of “Microyacheyka” stand, that has all major units of experimental industrial LWS.