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Energozapas participates in the cross-national RECPP workshop

Second cross-national RECPP workshop will take place on May 21st, 2021. This online workshop, dedicated to the re-purposing of coal power plants, is a perfect platform for discussing possible efficient ways of decommissioning coal plants in Europe. Energozapas LLC will participate as a speaker at the section, specifically dedicated to energy storages, and propose the ideas of using the existing infrastructure of decommissioned coal power plants for the purposes of LWS construction. Workshop participants will discuss possibilities of using vacated area, power output system in terms of storage grid connection, high rise construction permits, as well as using ash and slag to produce pressed soil weights for LWS.

Re-purposing of European coal power plants as part of energy transition initiative opens development prospects for coal regions. Re-purposing of assets contributes to elimination of fossil fuel, to economical, social and green development of coal regions with transition economy. It provides European and local communities with options to re-use territories and to incite development, supports industry innovations and encourages investments in green technologies.

RECPP starts with mapping and screening of coal regions in transition structured by country, type, age etc. Specific site assets and commitments are taken into account (PPAs, steam supply to nearby industry, mines etc.). Objective of this study is collection and systematization of data referring to a set of preconditions for the sustainable use of assets of coal power stations in the process of phasing out. For investigation of the best sustainable re-purposing approach of such infrastructure, a strategic and essential number of typical power plants will be finally selected.