Energozapas gravitational power engineering


  • 9 November
    An architectural concept of an 80-m high LWS has been developed

    Development of Experimental-Industrial LWS began in February this year. By that time the project had passed a series of expert reviews including those of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Education and Science, the Skolkovo Innovation Center and others. As a result, the development have been directly supported by the National Technology Initiative, the Russian Government’s fund RVC, ROSNANO and a number of big industrial companies.

  • 25 May
    ENERGOZAPAS at AtomExpo 2018

    We just came back from the AtomExpo International Forum that took place in Sochi on May 14-16. The event brought together the leaders of the nuclear industry to discuss the industry’s current state of affairs and future development.

    Sochi received the tenth AtomExpo that has already earned its reputation of a renowned international platform for knowledge share and establishing contacts in the industry. This year it has summoned 6000 participants from 60 countries.

  • 2 May
    Our team at the WIRE trade fair in Dusseldorf

    In the end of April our team visited the WIRE trade fair in Dusseldorf. Our goal was to get familiarized with the companies and their products as well as a search for potential subcontractors to produce wires and belts as they are one of the key elements of LWS.

    Our team visited the stands and exchange contacts with the representatives of the companies that produce wires and ropes, extrusion equipmentand different gauges. We acquired for test articles of wires and ropes, so we could estimate their quality.

  • 19 March
    Visit to Energy Storage Europe in Dusseldorf

    We have just come back from an international energy storage trade fair that summoned participants from 61 countries. The event took place from the 13th to the 15th of March and brought to the public a variety of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical techniques of energy storage that no other exhibition had managed to present. "No other trade fair in the world covers the entire spectrum of energy storage solutions. Every year, new players enter the still young market with innovative solutions - often with new technological approaches to energy storage", says Hans Werner Reinhard, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf.

  • 5 March
    We have developed a fatigue test stand for fiberglass reinforcements

    If nothing is done in advance to secure an LWS weight while it travels vertically, the motion may produce axial and lateral vibrations with quite a negative effect on the whole structure. Our task is to exclude such vibrations and make sure the weight “kisses” the hinges when fixed at the top and bottom of a shaft, for example, the solution used in LWS Prototype to kill the lateral vibrations was metal pipes as vertical guides. But after scaling, this solution will significantly increase the total cost of LWS.